LPCN at WATA 2018

Three LPCN members gave much appreciated presentations of their work on the 9th International Workshop Weighted Automata: Theory and Applications (WATA 2018) which was held in Leipzig (Germany), May 22–26:

  • Johanna Björklund presented work in progress on The N-Best Problem for Weighted Hypergraphs over Complete Lattices (J. Björklund, F. Drewes, A. Maletti, A. Jonsson).
  • Frank Drewes gave a 2 x 90min tutorial on (Weighted) Regular DAG Languages – Properties and Algorithms.
  • Petter Ericson presented results on the Minimization and Characterization of Order-Preserving DAG Grammars (H. Björklund, J. Björklund, P. Ericsson)