Workshop with Humlab

In the afternoon of March 20, a number of LPCN members had a workshop together with Humlab on the topic of text analysis. We all presented how we use or plan to use text analysis in our work. Happily, we managed to identify a number of immediate collaboration opportunities and also discussed the possibilities for building a joint text analysis infrastructure. As an additional benefit, the LPCN family grew substantially! The workshop concluded with a very nice after work session.

LPCN in IROS 2018, Madrid

LPCN members Michele Persiani and Maitreyee Tewari also participated and presented at ‘Robots for Assisted Living Workshop’ in IROS-2018. Maitreyee’s research focuses on building and implementing hybrid (machine learning and formal grammars) dialogue models for communication between robots and humans, While Michele builds deep learning based models for intention recognition from natural language. They presented their on-going research to one of the workshops and below are glimpses of the same.

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LPCN and SSR-2018, Madrid

PhD students Michele Persiani and Maitreyee Tewari recently participated in the organization of The 1st PhD International Conference on Safe and Social Robotics (SSR-2018) in Madrid Spain. The conference was a collaboration between two H2020 Projects SECURE and SOCRATES.

The Conference began with Introduction from SECURE Project Coordinator Prof. Stefan Wermter, Hamburg University. Sweden

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Recruiting PhD students at Dragonskolan

On Wednesday, LPCN’s Anna Jonsson visited a group of young and fantastic women all enrolled in Teknikprogrammet at Dragonskolan. The mission was to recruit as many (future) PhD students as possible. The first step was to tell them what a PhD student is and does; the second step was to get them interested in choosing a computer science programme at the University after finishing high school. Sadly, Anna immediately scared them off by introducing formal grammars (as usual). At least the attendants got a great deal of fika for the trouble from the awsome woman (also named Anna) who organises these tech-for-girls meetings. Better luck with the recruitment next time!

LPCN attends CIAA 2018

Two junior members of LPCN, PhD students Adam and Anna, travelled to Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island in Canada in the middle of the summer for a vacationlike CIAA 2018.  Adam made sure that they got there on time by running as a champion through Heathrow after a delayed flight. When safely at the conference, Anna presented A Comparison of Two N-Best Extraction Methods for Weighted Tree Automata (Johanna Björklund, Frank Drewes and Anna Jonsson). Moreover, both students showed great eating skills throughout the stay. Below follows a bunch of photos that hopefully prove to the concerned supervisors that their students actually went despite the heat wave.

CIAA 2018 group photo. Photo: Chris Vessey.

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LPCN at WATA 2018

Three LPCN members gave much appreciated presentations of their work on the 9th International Workshop Weighted Automata: Theory and Applications (WATA 2018) which was held in Leipzig (Germany), May 22–26:

  • Johanna Björklund presented work in progress on The N-Best Problem for Weighted Hypergraphs over Complete Lattices (J. Björklund, F. Drewes, A. Maletti, A. Jonsson).
  • Frank Drewes gave a 2 x 90min tutorial on (Weighted) Regular DAG Languages – Properties and Algorithms.
  • Petter Ericson presented results on the Minimization and Characterization of Order-Preserving DAG Grammars (H. Björklund, J. Björklund, P. Ericsson)