ForskarFredag 2022

ForskarFredag is part of European Researchers’ Night and took place on October 1 this year. However, ForskarFredag is just not about one night: school classes can “borrow a researcher” throughout the entire week (September 26 to October 1). LPCN’s Anna Jonsson took part in this initiative and visited 17 school classes: 4 physically in Umeå and the rest via Zoom.

“A one-eyed cat riding a skateboard into the apocalyptic abyss but not warzone”

Together with the school classes, Anna examined different sorting algorithms, saw examples of discriminating technology, and generated images using AI (the results of which are sprinkled across this post). For one of the high school classes, Anna had prepared a mathematical problem, as can be seen on the instagram page of the school.

“A soccer player falling over the ball and destroying the goal and the earth explodes”

After an exhausting but enormously fun week, Anna wishes to thank all of the school classes for inviting her, and a special thanks goes out to all of the amazing children among whom there are hopefully some future (computer science) researchers!

“A dinosaur eating a potato and coca cola and a cat being pet by its owner”