The (LPCN) is a special interest group comprising researchers and professionals from different areas whose work involves the digital processing of language . The notion of language is taken in a broad sense, to include both natural languages, e.g., Swedish and Finnish, as well formal ones, e.g., Java and Perl. The founding members believe that this cross-disciplinary view will become ever more valuable as we progress further into the machine learning era. Current research at the LPCN ranges from the development of formal models for natural language processing, to the implementation of natural language interfaces for robots and investigations into the semantics and computational properties of programming languages.

Our vision is the positioning of northern Sweden as a leading region in the development of language technology.

Our mission is to be the focus of that effort, by conducting internationally competitive research on language processing, providing world class education in the area, and actively contributing to the growth of the language technology industry in northern Sweden.

Our daily work is guided by the following values:

  • Equality of people
  • Humility and mutual respect
  • A scientific quest for knowledge
  • Generosity and openness