Attending the 60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2022)

The ACL 2022 conference took place May 22-27 at the Convention Centre Dublin, and we are happy to say that LPCN was represented in the form of its members Johanna Björklund, Frank Drewes and Anna Jonsson who were invited to present their paper Improved N-Best Extraction with an Evaluation on Language Data.

An ill-dimensioned panorama photo portraying the view from inside of the Convention Centre Dublin with brown couches in the foreground.
Attempt at a panorama photo from inside of the Convention Centre Dublin.

Below follows the 12 min long presentation video that was made in preparation for the conference.

The conference was for the first time held in a hybrid fashion (~1500 participants in-person and ~1500 online), something that was exciting to be a part of: the organisers did an incredible job! Given the pandemic not being over quite yet, it was mandatory wearing a mask at the venue, and as indicated in the last photo below, there was a system in place to signal what level of social distancing each participant wanted to practice.

We also had the pleasure to visit the botanical gardens of Dublin, of which the only downside was the time restrictions.

All in all, ACL 2022 delivered beautiful views of a stunning city as well as an opportunity to meet both old colleagues and gain new acquaintances. The Foundations of Language Processing group seminar will hopefully host one or two of these new faces soon, stay tuned 😉